I haven’t been active on WordPress. I’ve been following and reading along, but I’ve been buried under schoolwork. I started up a new class, Pit Band for the school’s musical, and now I’m overloading my schedule taking 19 credits. I don’t think I want to schedule this many credits again… It’s a bit much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving my classes. I’m just struggling a bit with my time management. Mom’s been in and out of the hospital this last week for pain control (kidney stone), and is going back for her stint to be removed on Monday. Dad took the week off a while ago, and is helping out with running everyone around and keeping things going well. I am emotionally, physically, and mentally spent. My room is also starting its trend of being abnormally warm, so I’m sitting on my bed sweating.

My gym class ends next week. I need a couple more runs, and my final mile. Just in this last month, I’ve ran 20.16 MILES. I’VE RAN 20.16 MILES. Okay, more so walked, but still. That’s a lot of miles for me, especially when I don’t like physical activity J I’m impressed with myself. I’m hoping to continue going out, and once it gets icky outside, I’m going to try and go to the gym at the school a bit.

2014-10-15 20.14.58I’m still working on my time management as I said before. Linda (my psych professor) suggested I start creating a schedule and sticking to it. I stopped by her office the other day after being really stressed out and really struggling with my OCD, anxiety, and depression. It was the right choice. This was for last week. There was nothing on Tuesday because we had activities day.

My class that’s just starting is an evening class. Ewwwwww. I like my morning classes. I’ll take seven or eight o clock classes in the morning but not at night. This one starts at 6:30 and goes to 8. I’m exhausted by that time. I don’t know if I’m going to stay at school during my break (from three to six thirty) or come home. Staying at school would be much easier for those giving me a ride, so I might just do that. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’ll do it. So one class is ending, and another is starting.

Since school’s started, I’ve been at school more than I’ve been at home it feels like. 7:30-5 Mondays and Wednesdays, and now Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30-8(pm). Fridays I’m going to keep short and end at 10. Granted I don’t have a ride until Superman gets out, but that’s only an hour. I’m missing my short Tuesdays and Thursdays L

I’ve also been a bit absent from Pickings At My Brain. I got a bit overwhelmed with school work and will get back to it shortly, so if you’re interested in various subjects, just take a looksee!

I’d love to hear how you’re all doing!

Poor Superman

Monday was a rough day. Or night. Depends on how you look at it. I couldn’t fall asleep and ended up texting Superman. He assumed that I was stressed and anxious about a lot going on, and he was right. It’s not the first time I’ve talked to him when I was having a rough night, but it was the first time when I told him about an anxiety attack/ocd attack I had in school. I didn’t see him at all yesterday and only talked to him to say goodnight.

This morning I woke up in a great mood. Smiley and cheerful I sent him a good morning text and he immediately responded with like three smilies. Ummm keeper?
I had to meet up with a friend today right at the time I normally meet up with him, so jokingly I told my friends I sit with to tell him I died. It’s a joke, alas, not a very good one. Then they said they’d also tell him I was hiding under the table. Long story short, I actually found out after I met with my friend that I didn’t need to and could’ve stayed at the table.

When I got back and sat down, Brendon and Allie gave me the weirdest looks and said that Superman got really upset when they (jokingly) told him I died. Apparently he was like yeah, I haven’t talked to her in awhile and got really “weird”. They both asked me a couple times after if we (and just he) was okay. Brendon looked so shocked at me, like why would he respond in such a manner? He didn’t actually say that.
I texted Superman a couple times wondering where he was, but he didn’t respond. I wasn’t going to let him sit by himself after having that moment and being concerned for me, so I finally got up and went to find him (thinking he was outside) and saw him sitting beneath the stairs at the tables doing some homework. I joined him for awhile and then we went outside. He was extremely cuddly and just wanted me smiling.

We then went to our respected classes. Later I was walking with Allie, and I asked her what happened earlier and she said it was really weird, and if we were okay. I told her yeah, he’s just under the weather (he never gets sick, and he’s been sick for the last week- no exaggeration). We had our three hour class and I just got out about 40 minutes ago. I texted Superman and asked if he was still here. I brought up this morning and let it go after he said he just had a rough morning. While we were talking about the squirrel, I sent him a message saying that I wasn’t going to do anything stupid or seriously hurt myself. He didn’t respond to that text, but I think he needed to hear it.

I probably shouldn’t have joked like that, but I’m glad it happened so I can make sure that he is okay with me being me.