All finished for now!

I finished my first and final spring semester at FLCC last Thursday! All I have left of FLCC are my summer courses: organic chemistry in class, Interpersonal Communications online and a computer science class also online. I’m getting my grades back in WebAdvisor hopefully this week, and hoping I did well! I ended up getting a 90 on my calculus final :) And now I’m going to get a 4.0 in my summer classes :D

I'm pretty sure I'm about to sneeze in this picture....
I’m pretty sure I’m about to sneeze in this picture….

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my allergy medicine the day before, and turned into a sneezing monster for it. I’ve been all drugged up this weekend, and still on medicine today. Good news is that I’m sending in my old t-shirts to be made into a quilt!

These are the shirts I'm sending in! I'll show you guys what it looks like when I get it!
These are the shirts I’m sending in! I’ll show you guys what it looks like when I get it!

Hope your finals went well!

Almost finished :D

How’s everyone doing? Finals kicking butts? Or are butts kicking finals? Thought provoking question.

I’ve been busy. Next week we have finals, and then I graduate this upcoming Saturday. Technically I’m walking across the stage this upcoming Saturday, and graduating at the end of the summer from FLCC. Highs and Lows/Concerns anyone?


-I have an A in every class this semester except for my Calculus class. I’ve been a solid C- in Calculus this semester because I didn’t put in the effort to learn the material. Now I can bring up my grade to a B in the class, but only if I get a 100 on Exam 4, and the Final. The final can replace our lowest test grade, which is why this will work. I told my teacher that I would get a 100 on the next two exams, but it didn’t sound like he believed me. I skipped his class that day, there was no way I would retain any of the information anyways.

-I’m a bit nervous about all the work and studying I need to do for this week. It’s not a lot, but it’s consuming. I’m going to finish up my Chem study guide by Monday night (we’re still learning material), finish up my Anatomy and Physiology study guide of the final three chapters by Tuesday night, and my Calculus exam 4 study guide tomorrow, and the cumulative final Tuesday afternoon.

-Choosing between Biology or Music again for next semester


-Finding creative ways to stay in touch with my girls this summer and next semester.

-Possible day trip with Superman to the Adirondacks.

-Getting an A in my music class, gym class, Chemistry class, and my Anatomy and Physiology Class this semester (or going to get :)

-Challenging myself for finals :)

-Planning my schedule for next semester at my transfer school

-Learning to love life and not be as stressed out <3

Mini-Update :)

There ain’t no bugs on me. There ain’t no bugs on me. There may be bugs on other dogs, but there ain’t no bugs on me :)

Who else remembers this little diddy? It’s been stuck in my head all afternoon but it’s not annoying! Give it another fifteen minutes and it will be…

I had an Anatomy and Physiology exam this morning, and it went pretty okay. I didn’t study as much as I had planned, but was able to recall what I needed to. After the exam, we were going up to lab to work on some histology, but I wasn’t feeling it. Our teacher is going to offer it as extra credit if we finish it, and I’m already going to finish it outside of class.

Instead I came home and made a chicken asparagus casserole. It was delicious! Superman came over before his class and hung out here for awhile. He ended up taking a plate to go he thought it was so good :)  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture when it came out of the oven, so I’ll try and take a picture of my next bowl or next time I make it.

Last night we talked on the phone, Superman and I. I definitely feel a lot more relaxed and actually slept through the night after we hung up. There was a lot I was anxious about, but the majority of it melted away.

Exams and Studying

Good evening everyone :) Figured I should check in and let everyone know how I’m doing!

This is what my dog loves to do when it's warm outside
This is what my dog loves to do when it’s warm outside

I’ve been doing pretty well! I’ve definitely been much better than I was earlier this week. I had gotten in a rut that I was scared I wouldn’t get out of. Superman and I went out earlier for ice cream and then to the park where we played some basketball and a little football. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures together. We did end up laying down on the basketball court where I got a small video of him making faces, but no pictures.

School-wise, nothing new to report. The only thing I can think of is my Anatomy and Physiology exam on Tuesday. It’s on bones, joints, muscle tissue, and neural tissue. I’ve created a couple outlines from my notes for my exams and just have to finish up the rest.

I haven’t had a lot of time for my MCAT review. I want to get in a definite routine for the review right away, and I’m going to start that routine this week.

Goodbye world
Goodbye world

Proving to myself I can do more than I think

I got my grade back on my chemistry exam and it was pretty damn good.

This was a couple months ago in Chem, but it sums up how I feel about my exam perfectly :D Smiles and balloons :)
This was a couple months ago in Chem, but it sums up how I feel about my exam perfectly :D Smiles and balloons :)

As of right now, I’m feeling done with the semester. My classes are just dragging on, it’s beautiful outside, and I’m struggling to pay attention. That’s not going to cut it. Instead, I’m not going to let myself slack until after I have all A’s in my classes. I have no excuse to feel “done” with this semester until I am retaining all A’s. There is no excuse. Getting A’s aren’t hard, it just requires a little more time commitment. And I”m going to get them ;)

Thursday we went out to Sky Zone for Girls' Night. It was definitely a great adventure!
Thursday we went out to Sky Zone for Girls’ Night. It was definitely a great adventure and we’re going again sometime!

Every Thursday night the girls and I have our “Girls’ Night”. I haven’t been able to make a lot of them recently because of CAB Events, but was able to make last weeks :) We ended up going to Sky Zone, and it was amazing! I did a couple flips, and managed to sprain my ankle trying to jump, bounce my butt on the trampoline, and bounce up into a standing position. I didn’t sprain it flipping, but on the kiddie trick! The girl laughing in the picture is in another segment of Anatomy and Physiology 1 and all throughout the night, we were telling each other to be careful not to injure any parts of us, and when I fell on my ankle, I was able to tell her what was hurting and how it happened.

Being able to refer to any part of my body, and know what is there and what it’s called is definitely amusing. It’s information I’m not going to ever want to forget.


Muscle Practical

Tomorrow morning is my muscle practical! Eeeeeeeekers I’ve studied a bit, and am familiar with everything. I just want to work a bit more tomorrow morning on the Serratus Anterior, the knee joint, and the leg. It sounds like a lot, but I’m sure I’ll do fine as long as I keep my head up :)

Spending a little quality time with someone special to me
Spending a little quality time with someone special to me.

I got back my second Calculus exam today, and boy it was definitely not what I was expecting or wanting. Our teacher will drop the lowest grade and replace it with our final if we do better on our final, so I need to kick my butt into gear on that.

Chemistry exam earlier today! It was mostly on resonance, formal charge, and bond energies. There were two or three questions I wasn’t positive on, but once I was out of the room I felt a great weight off my shoulders.


A bunch of us went out for bowling the other night :) This picture was only for us girls!
A bunch of us went out for bowling the other night :) This picture was only for us girls! See? I do have a life besides school.

Last but not least, my application is in for the school I’m looking to transfer to. Right now I’m dreading the wait for the decision, but will most likely forget about it until it comes. At least that’s what I’m hoping will happen.

And another of just Anthony and I before we left. We weren't really up for the giant slumber party after. Our beauty sleep and studying needed to come first.
A quick picture of Superman and I before we left. We weren’t really up for the giant slumber party after. Our beauty sleep and studying came first.

General Chemistry 1 Study Guide

This is the first half of my General Chemistry study guide.  It’s key to note that this material is not from a MCAT Review book or the AAMC website.  Once I’m finished learning the chemistry that is going to be on the exam, I will create an updated study guide to share with you.  I hope this at least aid in your studying :)

Click below!

Study Guide