How I Prepare for Finals


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Freshman year of college! An eighth of my way done with my undergraduate. That scares me. Finals are coming up within the next three weeks, and I’m excited! I’ll have one written final, a group presentation that counts for two classes (Abnormal Psychology and English), a multiple choice and short answer exam for Math as well as Chemistry, an open ended exam for Music Theory, an auditory and oral exam for Theory Lab, and Keyboarding. That sounds like a lot more than what it really is.2014-11-26 10.45.37-1

  1. Mark them in all your calendars!

This will help you see when and how far away it looks. I’ve been trying to get into a better habit of not cramming for papers and exams, and this has really been helping me. If you do have the ability to work with schedules prior to the due date, this website and pdf will save your butt…

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